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Maybe you’re heading all the way to the coast, or just to Baton Rouge or New Orleans. There are a few vital stops you’re going to need to make, besides just gas and rest areas, if you find yourself barreling through Louisiana on I-10 — for meat, Cajun meat, that is. Wonders abound, especially when it comes to local cuisine like Wagon Wheel BBQ in Ozona or the fried alligator strips at Al-T’s Seafood & Steakhouse in Winnie. I-10 is the fourth-longest interstate in the United States, and one fourth of it cuts across Texas.

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  • Wonders abound, especially when it comes to local cuisine like Wagon Wheel BBQ in Ozona or the fried alligator strips at Al-T’s Seafood & Steakhouse in Winnie.
  • So many chicken-fried steaks, so little room in the stomach.
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I actually had a voucher from staying at Hotel Faust for a free breakfast. The food is PHENOMENAL with Viking size portions, fresh made ingredients and a unique selection of various dishes.” Absolutely delicious meats and sides all prepared and served with friendly Texas cheer. Unable to decide, we were offered samples of the different meats.” Musso & Frank may be a bit of a tourist stop now, but hey, it’s historical. It’s old Hollywood at its most glamourous, having been a common stop for Greta Garbo, John Barrymore, Lauren Bacall, Marilyn Monroe and more.

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Absolutely the best brisket ever…tender and moist and seasoned well! We were so impressed, we ordered more food to go when we left.” From Asian to Cajun, the I-10 is well-stocked with opportunities for a fill up.

Making meat-loving Texans seek out vegetarian food is quite a feat. restaurant les tontons Oxheart has managed it, and you’ll have to taste it to find out why. Even in the small towns off the I-10, you can get high class wine bars. Dig into chef-crafted dishes made with the best ingredients – so you can eat healthy without even thinking about it. Create an account to track orders, manage your meal plan, and update your delivery preferences.

Try the Edison’s Brick Chicken, made with an actual brick. #2 To provide natural and holistic pet foods and cat & dog supplements scientifically formulated and painstakingly manufactured and packaged for health optimization. You may optionally sort results by route, desired amenities, cost per gallon, etc. At the western end of I-10 is Santa Monica, California. To get there, you have to go on the famous Route 66, which literally ends at the Santa Monica Pier. Whether this is the start or end of your journey, this pier is something to cherish.

What makes this Cajun shack so great is the drive-through. When you pull up, make sure to order the barbecue tasso sandwich. It comes on soft white bread with tender, incredible tasso — that’s smoked pork shoulder — and loads of barbecue sauce and mayonnaise. One of the best sandwiches you’ll ever eat, the boudin grilled cheese.

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Clearly there’s something to be said for cooking familiar meals consistently well. This is that small town gem where you can eat as healthfully or as poorly as you wish. Whenever you pass through Comfort, this is one of the places you should stop.

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The cracklins are some of the best around, undoubtedly. The boudin and cracklins are both pretty reliable here, and if you’re traveling with a lot of people, it’s also a good rest stop. But don’t leave without ordering the real gem, Natchitoches meat pie, flaky and succulent and everything you want your arteries to be clogged by on the road.

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